Namie Amuro retired from the entertainment industry on September 16th of 2018 after 25 years since her debut. She might have retired but the records beaten and the memories of every fan and person who has heard her name will remain forever.



3.       Don’t Wanna Cry                                             Present
5.       Sweet 19 Blues                                                   Joy
14.    Something ’bout the Kiss                                You are the One Ft. Imajin
15.    Love 2000                                                          Asking Why
17.    Please Smile Again                                          Cross Over
18.    Think of Me/No More Tears                         I to You
19.    Say the Word                                                     Let’s not Fight
21.    Wishing on the Same Star                              Did U
22.    Shine More                                                         Drive
23.    Put ‘Em Up                                                         Exist for You
24.    So Crazy/Come
25.    Alarm                                                                  Strobe
26.    All for You                                                         Butterfly
28.    WANT ME, WANT ME                                   Handle Me
31.    Baby Don’t Cry                                                 Nobody
32.    FUNKY TOWN                                                 Darling
34.    Wild/Dr.
35.    Break It/Get Myself Back

36.       NAKED/Fight Together/Tempest
37.   Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!/Love Story    Higher/Arigatou
38.   Go Round/YEAH-OH
39.   Big Boys Cry/Beautiful
40.   Tsuki                                                      Neonlight LipstickBallerina
41.   Brighter Day                                        Sweet Kisses / Still Lovin' You
42.   Red Carpet                                           Black Make Up
43.   Mint                                                       Chit Chat
44.   Hero                                                       Show me What You've Got
45.   Dear Diary/Fighter
46.   Just You and I                                       Strike a Pose

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