Namie Amuro retired from the entertainment industry on September 16th of 2018 after 25 years since her debut. She might have retired but the records beaten and the memories of every fan and person who has heard her name will remain forever.

1 Special Blog's Anniversary: Mix Videos & Covers by Namie


Aishuu Deito + Tsuyankuru Jungle                 Takahara Toshihiko + -
Futari no Harmony                                         Kaito Shion & Meiko Saki
Kagami no Doresu                                         Hara Yuko
Recue Me Ft. Super Monkeys                       W-NAO
SHAKE                                                        SMAP
Venus + Stop the Music Ft. SM                    Bananarama + Namie & SM
MEDLEY 3: Namie & Super Monkeys         FPeanuts+SAS+Ohguro Maki
MEDLEY 4: Namie & Super Monkeys         TRF + Seiko


First Performance: Mr. U.S.A.1992
Namie Amuro as Backdancer 1993
21 Seiki no Kimitachi He ~A Song for Children~ Ft. Various Artists at Kohaku 1999

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