Namie Amuro retired from the entertainment industry on September 16th of 2018 after 25 years since her debut. She might have retired but the records beaten and the memories of every fan and person who has heard her name will remain forever.

2 Special Blog's Anniversary: Mix Videos & Covers Online


Hai Hai Hai Hai                                                         Funk the Peanuts
MEDLEY 5: Namie Feat. Artists       Yumi Matsuyota + Tomosaka Rie
Ashita, Haru ga Kitara                                               Matsu Takako
MEDLEY 6: Namie Feat. Artists       Zard + Globe + Hirose Kohmi
I'm Proud                                                                  Kahala Tomomi
T-R-Y ~Return to yourself~                                      Two-Mix
La La La Love Song Feat. Hideo Nakano                 Naomi & Toshinobu
Stay Feat. Super Monkeys                                        Himuro Kyosuke
Cheers for You Feat. Super Monkeys                        Nakayama Miho
Only You + Overnight Sensation                                Yuki Uchida + TRF


My Treasure - Namie & Super Monkeys at Festa Shizuoka J-POP 1996

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