Namie Amuro retired from the entertainment industry on September 16th of 2018 after 25 years since her debut. She might have retired but the records beaten and the memories of every fan and person who has heard her name will remain forever.

3 Special Blog's Anniversary: Mix Videos & Covers by Namie

Special collection of Covers of Namie at Hippare
in conmemoration of her 20th anniversary and the 2nd anniversary of the blog on October 1st

Congratulations, Namie! thanks for all this year of hard work, thanks for being yourself and give your best.
Many people love you, I love you too, it has been 2 years since I knew you and will never regret about it ^^

1.- Jounetsu – UA by Namie & Super Monkeys (Hippare 1996)
2.- MEDLEY 7: Black Cat - Tora Tora Tora - Don't Wanna Cry
3.- Hello,Again ~Mukashi kara asu basho~ - My Little Lover by Namie Amuro & Ranran Suzuki
4.- Sweet Pain – Globe / I believe – Kahala Tomomi by Namie Amuro & Super Monkeys
5.- Chase the Chance – Namie Amuro Ft. Various Artists
6.- Machibuse - Yumi Arai by Namie & Super Monkeys
7.- La La Sunshine - Chisato Moritaka by Namie Amuro

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