Supernatural Love (FEEL)

Like a supernatural love
Like a supernatural love

I'll make you an offer that you can't refuse
One way or another, no time to lose
You won't find a better girl, if you wanna go
Then you are wrong
(Boy, you gotta break it down) 

Hush, hush, hush
I can't come down, why don't you help me out
Rush, rush, rush
I'm way too high, help me step off the cloud
Don't pick it up and put it back down
Baby, we should better work it out
Rush, rush, rush
No, I won't let you down

I will make you fall
(Like a supernatural love) 
Cause love is what you want... 
Gonna take your defense down

Poison (FEEL)

Ichido nerattara nigasanai
Amaku SUPAISHI na KISU de sugu Blow your mind, mind, mind
Hey boy nee Won't U have some wine ? 
Mimimoto de sasayaku wa You're so fine, fine, fine

You-you, you got-got-got the look
Ah, you're so hot for me
So hot for me, so hot for me

Head to Toe subete Right
Kono mama Moving, don't stop
All through the night, through the night
Through the night, through the night, through the night
Fast or slow docchi ga Right ? 
Kikasete Baby, wanna make you feel alright
Feel alright, feel alright, feel alright, feel alright