sonnani step miseraretara Can't keep in control (no no)
sonnani selfish janai kedo But ready to blow (oh-oh)

Dancing all night I sing tomaranai
Dancing all night I say tamaranai
mou dou nate mo kamawanai
konya dake sou It's quite alright

Feeling what I'm feeling no apology
‘Cause boy I know what I believe in and it's you and me
Don't you hold back this feeling ‘cause this time I'm sure
We're singing yeah-oh, singing yeah-h-h-oh

Go Round

Stay alive sono ki mama ni my mind when you leave
(My mind when you leave)
Still love saigo no voicemail I'm answering for you
(I'm answering for you)

tada mune ga notice
tazuneru you see?
Kazu kazoeru focus
Nandomo next to me
mou ichido help it
dakedo you don't care
Anata dake ni shake it
sou itsumo want you there